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AKD Play Balloons


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Bubble Balls Toy: Amazing bubble balls are just like other balls you have never played! It looks like a bubble, the movement is like a bubble, but you play it like a ball! You can kick_smash, throw, bounce_and even sit on it, without worrying about deflating!
Inflatable Toy: Made of high-quality materials_environmentally_friendly, tear-resistant, very durable.The equipped blowing tube is hard to blow. It is recommended to use a pump or an automatic air pump.
Fun Game Toy: It is finished by primary colors instead of painting or spaying, making the color_more natural and smooth.
Ideal Gift: It's very suitable for your party. It's beside_the lake, the beach, or the swimming pool. It brings you endless_fun. It's also a good choice to use it as a gift for children.
Please Note: It is recommended not to blow too much! If it is too large, it will easily be destroyed! Play a little bit to keep it for a longer time! You'll get 1 x inflatable toy and 1 x blowpipe. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you have any questions during the shopping process, please contact us in time, we guarantee that we will reply within 24 hours.