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Spiral Leash 3m

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  • Material: Made of TPU elastic polyurethane and adjustable neoprene strap, it has high strength and elasticity, soft and smooth. The surf foot rope is made of 7 mm TPU rope, and the double layer is protected by Velcro to prevent the rope from falling off.
  • Features: surf rope foot ring with stainless steel swivel, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, long-term resistance to seawater corrosion. The 360 degree stainless steel twist lock prevents pulling or hooking of diving objects (e.g. algae) and increases safety.
  • Application: can be used for surfing PU board/SUP board and other water sports. Suitable for all sizes of boards - short board, long board or SUP. Pure black is suitable for any colour scheme and will never be "dirty". Suitable for both men and women.



EAN: 4270000219528