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FA Unmanned remote control vehicle electric vehicle FA-1700


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Based on a high sensitivity and triple redundancy IMU, as well as a high precision GNSS / RTK positioning system allows us to easily automate operations on the control knob. Getting perfect straight transects.

Surface camera
The equips a front camera for the government of the boat, even when it is out of our visual range,
It can also optionally equip a sub-surface camera that allows us to see the bottom and structures at small depths.

Control station
Both the government of the boat and the control of the instrumentation is carried out from the ground. The controller and base station assembly includes all telemetry details, instrumentation data and real-time video.

Sonda Monohaz
High performance echo sounder that allows georeferenced depth to be measured with an integrated GNSS / RTK system. With the included software, maps can be made very easily.
Other software optional.

Thermal camera
Ideal for environments with very low visibility, even in the absence of light. It allows us to identify objects according to their temperature, such as moving boats or people.

The current profiler is an ideal instrument for hydrography that allows us to measure the speed of water at different depths of the column.

Multiparameter sounder
It allows obtaining more than 20 parameters of water quality and composition in georeferenced form and in real time.

Sub-bottom Profiler
It is an echosounder that emits at a very low frequency, which is capable of penetrating the seabed and obtaining a clear image of the seabed.

Multibeam echosounder
The multibeam system allows bathymetric surveys with much more information in less time. Our SB100 Multipro is the most compact USV system in the world to integrate this technology.

Sidescan Sonar
Integrated into the hull itself, it generates spectacular geo-referenced images of the seabed that allow us to understand the texture and objects found in it.